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No Risk Pricing

airline consultant warranty claims

Our goal is not to cost you anything unless we recover value. Air Warranty partners with your warranty team to identify and recover overlooked warranty remedies. Our fees are contingent upon the amount recovered, posing no financial risk to you.


We analyze your records and identify claims that have not been submitted. We compile the necessary information for the claims, and your team submits them. We then assist with any disputes or additional requests from your supplier. Our fee is then a percentage of what is recovered when you receive value from your supplier.

Common Types of Value We Help Capture

"Cash" payments to an operator when labor hours are reimbursed
for performing warrantable work.


Up-front Credits 
Advanced "cash" payments for continuing to perform warrantable work.


Free of Charge (FOC) Parts
Free parts to perform a modification or repair. 


Additional Spares
Extra parts on the shelf to improve aircraft availability. 


We defend when something should be a warrantable condition.

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