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Value Story

Our team of specialists have vast knowledge of the warranty cost recovery process. 

To uncover where warranty opportunities exist, we focus on improving your operation in four critical areas:



Increase the detection of warrantable conditions through the use of data, analytics and technical profile.


Valuation and 

Develop and strengthen the technical and business case for the claim. 



Submit more effective claims with all relevant data​.


Cost Recovery

Recover more dollars with a deep understanding of contractual entitlements.

Aircraft Hangar

Our Large Scope Analytics

  • We focus on service bulletins, service letters, components, parts, aircraft availability, component reliability, maintenance costs, and
    supplier accountability

  • ​We have processes in place to challenge issues that are not covered by OEM and Supplier offered remedies resulting in business considerations or cost sharing

  • ​We review data obtained from your system of record for potential claims. A combination of our knowledge and AI is leveraged to analyze large sets of data to help identify potential warranty items​


You cannot afford to keep missing out
on unrecovered warranty claims.
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