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We provide a variety of training options to fit your needs.  We go beyond  just the basics and dig in deep to understand your challenges so we can provide critical concepts that will drive your claims' success rate.  ​

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​Our Courses

  • Warranty Overview 101​

    • Key elements of the warranty process

    • Contract overview

    • Technical environment overview

    • Claims submittal

    • Cost recovery 

  • Contracts 201​​

    • Understand what is covered under contract and what is not​

    • Supplier responsibilities​

    • State of the Art​

    • Contractual Notice​

    • Service Life Policy (SLP)

    • Interface (between OEM and supplier, BFE)

  • Detection and Valuation 202​

    • Understand the design service objectives of major structures and systems,​

    • Defect characteristics of materials, parts and systems

    • Understanding the effect of the operating environment-temperature, humidity, vibration, utilization relative to specifications ​

    • Use of analytics in detection of defects

    • Understanding the characteristics of defects 

    • Service Publications and industry forums​

    • Design change process and why timing matters​

  • Claims 203

    • Claim requirements for submittal​

    • Substantiation and supporting documentation​

    • Escalation​ and claim closing tactics

    • Special Warranty Programs and Business considerations​

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